Why Apply For This Course?

Would you like to be able to recognize process optimization opportunities hidden within process data of typical process sections such as columns, reactors, fired heater, heat exchangers, etc.? 

Would you like to be able to develop and apply real-time applications that predict and optimize key process variables and/or product quality?

That knowledge can be obtained by combining information hidden in the process data with the knowledge of specific process operations while using the right tools.

Predictive analytics and virtual sensors are an inevitable part of real-time process optimization and help improve product quality, energy consumption and pollutant emissions, thus improving process measurement and control. This is the reason that predictive analytics and data scientists are increasingly needed and employed.

With this 10-DAYS CHALLENGE course, you will:

  1. Choose your case from 3 given options packed with all the data and information. Prepared cases are: distillation column, reactor, and fired heater.
  2. Through 10 guided steps, you will develop and deploy a virtual sensor that can be used for the process optimization of industrial plants.
  3. All your assignments will be checked and approved by the mentor.

The course will give you the required knowledge to be able to tackle your own problems generating predictive analytics applications in all industries, from oil&gas and petrochemical processes to smaller-scale chemical processes and perform process optimization applications.

Having in mind the attention this field receives across the industries, it is an inevitable part of all the consulting businesses related to process optimization and energy efficiency improvement.

Invest in yourself and use this opportunity to build or improve your own consultancy expertise.

In case you will not like our approach, we allow money-back guarantee through Challenge #1.

What You'll Get With This Course?


Through the course lessons given by an industry expert, you will learn from real-life examples and experiences about how to target, assess, and analyze process data, and afterwords how to build models to apply virtual sensors and predictive analytics applications on real plants. 


All your 10 assignments are packed with detailed instructions so that you can easily finalize them. What's even better - all your assignments will be checked and approved by the instructor, an industry expert in the field.

The Basis for Your Business

All materials are prepared for you to learn how to independently build your own applications. If you choose to do so, this knowledge can become your basis in building your own business or improving the existing one. 


With the course, you will get inspired and guided to build and improve your own expertise and confidence related to process optimization opportunities and solutions.

"Big data has room to grow into a new paradigm for process industries to enhance data-driven operations and control" - professor Joe Qin

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What You'll Learn With This Course

  • How to recognize the opportunities for predictive analytics and virtual sensors

  • How to recognize, select and analyze required process history data

  • How to develop your predictive model in 10 steps! All prepared for you: the choice of 3 most important industrial applications, real data, detailed instuctions and reviewed assignements

  • How to calculate and estimate possible benefits, present the solution as process optimization and business case

  • How to use your knowledge to develop your own consulting business

What's Included With The Course?

  • Around 100 minutes of lessons and instructions divided into 10 lessons, with unlimited 12 months access

  • 3 fully prepared cases, packed with data and information for you to work on

  • 10 assignments with detailed descriptions and instructions

  • 10 instructor's reviews of your finalized assignments

  • Process data, support documentation, examples, calculations, templates

  • CERTIFICATE of Completion - upon successful completion of the course

  • A must-take course in chemical engineering packed with loads of practical insights, advices and practices related to process optimization and operation

  • REAL VALUE!!! Your investment in yourself!

Social proof: reviews

From students who have taken the course

Wojciech Nowak

“What distinguishes this course from others is the opportunity to acquire very important skills related to industry 4.0 technologies with the continuous support of the instructor. The assignment-based formula motivated me to complete this course fa...”

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“What distinguishes this course from others is the opportunity to acquire very important skills related to industry 4.0 technologies with the continuous support of the instructor. The assignment-based formula motivated me to complete this course faster than expected - in 7 days. The course is characterized by a high level of content and well-prepared lessons, which are planned sensibly and clearly, so that the participant can easily assimilate knowledge and, if necessary, return to the material. Moreover, each lesson includes assignment, which can be consulted with instructor at any time. The assignment done is checked, corrected and discussed. This is certainly not a course that you can "flip out" and take nothing out of it. The knowledge that was passed on in a simple way stays in your head, accompanies you during your work and reminds you what mistakes to avoid and what to pay attention to. I think that any person who is looking for new opportunities or has a lot of ideas and does not know "what to get caught up in" can safely sign up for this course, which will certainly help you gain new skills that you can use in business or work.”

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Kate Farrell

“I really enjoyed taking this course. The knowledge I gained from it is relevant and applicable. It's that kind of knowledge that you need years of experience to gain. Listening to someone who has that experience is the essence of what online learn...”

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“I really enjoyed taking this course. The knowledge I gained from it is relevant and applicable. It's that kind of knowledge that you need years of experience to gain. Listening to someone who has that experience is the essence of what online learning should be. I liked the structure of doing assignments, which are not particularly complicated and are clearly taking you towards the goal of the course, which is to build your self-confidence and wider knowledge so you are able to focus on exact applications. Doing the assignments kept me focused and interested in the course from the beginning till the end. The instructor is very present during the whole process and shares the feedback and support, so you have a feeling of interaction even while sitting at home with your computer. I also liked learning about a bigger picture of predictive analytics - how it relates to process operation, modeling, and optimization. In general, it's a great value for money. ”

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How You'll Benefit With This Course?

  • You'll gain new knowledge about an important topic of big data and predictive analytics in chemical engineering.

  • You'll gain more confidence addressing process monitoring, control and optimization challenges.

  • You'll learn practical things that you can apply in your working environment

  • You'll receive guidance and support in building your own business and expertise related to predictive analytics in process optimization.

What's the Plan?

The course is created as an exciting game that has 10 challenges! Every challenge is packed with the lesson, supported documentation, and an assignment. The lesson will give you a theoretical background related to the assignment, while with the assignment you will receive detailed instructions and examples where needed. 

Once you finalize your assignment, you will upload it to the system, your instructor will review and approve it. After the approval, you will be able to move to your next challenge!  

The course has a plan of 10 challenges for 10 days as it is possible to finalize the whole course in 10 days. However, if you will need more time, you can take as much time as you want during next 12 months. However, we will keep your score, so maybe you'd like to have a good one :-)

Our journey will follow the ride: we start by looking into examples of possible applications, then continue by looking into options to select your case. Then you will start building your case, finding opportunities, learning the process, then you'll analyze the data, install the software, build and tune models, estimate savings and plan to deploy the application.

It is created to be simple, fun, practical, and efficient!

dr.sc. Ivana Lukec

About Your Instructor

Ivana is the right person to guide you through this course because she has built her experience in a consulting company serving the process industry with solutions in process improvements and optimization.

Through her 15+ years of experience, she has been involved in the execution of projects based of process modeling and simulation which include: optimization studies and projects, conceptual and basic design, energy efficiency improvement projects, data-driven models and predictive analytics, advanced process control and operator training simulators as an engineer and later consultant.

Process analysis, development and optimization are her passion in all areas of life and she is very much motivated to transfer her passion for problem-solving to younger engineers. Some of her experiences she is sharing as an author on her blog SimulateLive.com and through Facebook group Chemical Engineers Who Create.

She'd like to see more chemical engineering entrepreneurs who are confident and motivated enough to take responsibility and leadership in creating better and sustainable paths and processes to help environment preservation, pollution minimization and more efficient waste conversion.

Ivana Lukec

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering


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Check Ivana's blog: Simulatelive.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have any specific knowledge to be able to apply for this course?

    No. You will need the basics of chemical and process engineering, and the basics of math and statistics that are included in the first years of all regular chemical engineering programs.

  • Do I need to have any licences for process calculations?

    No. You will be informed about the tools available. One of the course benefits is learning the tools that are practical, powerful and open source.

  • What if I'm not able to finalize the course assignments during 10 days?

    The course is created so that you can finalize it during 10 days, however, since there is planned work that you need to do, we understand that it is sometimes hard to plan this. You can take as much time as you like to finalize all the challenges. We will give support during next 12 months that you are able to edit the course for this price.

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